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Golden Package

We offer you with a stress free planning as we take full charge in:

•Ultimate consultation via phone and email.
•Creating a budget.
•Creating a timeline for the days schedule.
•Select venue.
•Recommend all venders and suppliers.
•Help the Bride on getting her dream gown.
•Design Reception and ceremony décor.
•Advice on Stationary (invitation cards and programs), Videography and photography.
•Wedding day co-ordination.

Silver package

If you can co-ordinate your wedding and you are looking for genuine suppliers and a planner. This package entails…

•Ultimate consultation via phone and email.
•Making sure that the supplies are available during the wedding day.
•Following up on the couple in case of any changes.
•Ensure suppliers are doing their job.

Bronze package

If you are planning your entire wedding and you have your suppliers but you need a professional advice this is the package for you. You will have to relax two weeks to the wedding as we:

•Ultimate consultation via phone and email.
•Fully co-ordinate the wedding two weeks to due day.

About Us

At Tandy Wedding and Events we create extra ordinary events on our specialty. We have broad vision of providing happy and unforgettable experience to our clients. Tandy provides for the clients a WOW factor as it saves them time and money.

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Quick Contacts

Tandy Wedding & Events Limited
Tel: 0725957386 or 0717303046
Email: info@tandyevents.co.ke
Location: Komrade Complex Kiambu Road
Web: www.tandyevents.co.ke